Friday, May 13, 2005


It was long long day today...
Wake up earlier and went to Chinese Wedding ceremony, ZiBin's relative's wedding.
It is interesting because it is quite different from Japanese wedding.
Only bride, groom and a few people wearing nice dress... and bride re-make up in front of visitors... and relatives and friends, they chat chat chat and eat food. (^^;) The most interesting part is groom go to look for bride and get her from her house.

This PIG, 豚の丸焼き, おいしかった~♪
Especially, its skin is very crispy!! YUMMY!
This one, similar to Philippines' one... they eat pig for ceremony, too.
Last time I went to Philippines for my friend's wedding, I ate this also.

After visiting the wedding ceremony, ZiBin's parents brought us for lunch.
Chicken, bean sprout and noodle... Very Yummy!!
I like them very much!! and... ATE TOO MUCH AGAIN. :p

Pineapple tart
In the evening, I visited ManMan's place and learn how to make pineapple tart!!
Last time I visited her house during Chinese new year, her mom baked it and gave to me as souvenir when I went back to Singapore.
At first, ManMan said she dun like pineapple tart because she dun like smell of butter and pineapple tart contain alot of BUTTER. But because I like it very much and wanna learn how to make, she asked her mom to teach me how to make and we make it together.
Finally, pineapple tart is ready! Taste it... *GOOD*
ManMan also taste it... and... she said it is YUMMY!!
Yeah! Now she like pineapple tart!! Haha.
Later her mom told her that the pineapple tart she ate before was FAILURE :P
That is why she didnt like pineapple tart... till now.
We cooked our dinner together, too.
Pork chop with ketchup sauce is very NICE.

After dinner with ManMan, she went back to Singapore...
She will go to USA for working during summer vacation.
I cannot see her off at airport and she also cannot see me off to Japan. :P

Late at night, ZiBin brought me to supper.
But... we are too full to eat, so we ordered only drink and chat chat chat for long time. We talked alot... but I forgot what we talked. :P
What did we talk...?
After we talk for a while at howker center, they started closing... we are kicled out. :P So we move to 24hour Indian restaurant.
There, we ordered something like... THIS!!
Indean food
We were so surprised about this... WHAT IS THIS!? HOW TO EAT??
This is called POTI TISSUE, crispy sweet big mountain-like food.
Usually, I dun like too sweet thing so much, but I like this. :P
It is FUN to tear this and eat, interesting taste of sweet and spicy!

We came back home late midnight.
I did alot of things today and I felt... visiting Wedding ceremony was long time ago... like yesterday...

Oh, forgot to mention one thing.
This evening, while I was visiting ManMan, ZiBin went to visit his relative's house for wedding dinner or something. So he wore nice shirt this evening and it was very good on him. Ah, he said it is not his shirt but his dad's... his mom let him wear it but his dad complain about it because it was NEW. Haha.

OK, time to sleep...
I have to wake up early tomorrow again.
I will visit my friend in Penang this weekend.

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Cameron Highland

One day trip to Cameron highland today!!
ZiBin's friends and ManMan couldn't join us, so only two of us go together.
So... it is like... DATING :P

Cameron highland is... nice view, cool weather and good air...
When we arrived Cameron highland, we applied for half-day tour.
Because we when there by bus, it was easier to see around.
We visited cactus garden, rose garden, strawberry farm, tea prantation and bee farm.

There are so many pretty flowers in cactus garden!!
We didn't see cactus area so much, but see alot of flowers there.
I like this uniqe flower! So cute!
I want this flowers as hair accessory when I wear my kimono...

This is one of the most favorite flower for me.
I know what is flower in Japanese... This is なでしこ(撫子).
This flower is CUTE, so we call BEAUTIFUL JAPANESE WOMAN as やまとなでしこ(大和撫子)
大和 means Japan, old Japanese name, and 撫子 is this flower name.
Japanese LOVE small cute things like this flower. (^-^)

Rose garden... Full of SWEET smell of ROSE!!
Each rose has different fragrance...
Some are very sweet, some are elegant...

tea plantation
Nice view of tea prantation.
We sit on roadside wall and enjoyed this nice view...
But I surprised other tourists by climbing up to the wall. :p
Because the wall was higher than my height... so they asked me how did I reach there.
I... just... CLIMB UP lah!! Hehe...

Day trip to Cameron highland was quite fun.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

肉骨茶 and お寺めぐり

In the morning, went for morning walk to morning market near ZiBin's house.
There, selling vegetable, meat and fish... The way they sell meat and fish is different from that of in Japan. Normally in Japan, we cannot see WHOLE MEAT as in Singapore or in Malaysia...or maybe it is because I have never been to MEAT market in Japan. I could see meat only in supermarket, so everything is CUT into smaller block of meat, and PACKED into tray with wrap.
Having breakfast, near the market. Tried chicken noodle and curry noodle. I like both taste.. but curry noodle is too HOT for breakfast. I didn't want to SUPPRISED my stomach, so I had chicken noodle.

Before Lunch, his mom teach me cooking again. Today, I learn how to cook 肉骨茶. She used pakage of 肉骨茶 harb mix, showed me something that instruction behind the package didn't tell me. Smells GOOD!! Looking forward to tasting it!!
While we were waiting for 肉骨茶 to ready, I teach Japanese to ZiBin in his room. When we lay on the floor and reading textbook, his mother come to call us. But she saw us and said "sorry"... eh?? what she sorry to us??

Finally, I go to "sightseeing" :p
I didn't visited any place since I came to Ipoh... just staying ZiBin's place, eat and play... to enjoy my holiday. But today, I become TOURIST. (^-^)
Visited temples, take photos, and slept in the car...
ZiBin, his friend and her BF showed me around to temples.

stone stepping
We tried stone stepping again.
Aiyak, aiyak... painful!!
We retired in half way. :p

At night, went to night market.
There are many food shop, tempting me to EAT again...
suger cane juice machine
I like this machine...
Interesting to see how to make suger cane juice.

at market
Choose anything you want to eat, dip into boiled water and eat.
Something like steamboat...

I tried many food there... drink, sweet corn, sesami paste and something fried...

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Finally, I can enjoy my holiday, this is LAST HOLIDAY for me.
After I go back Japan, I don't have holiday anymore...
Sleep until late morning, eat, play and relax... so NICE.

Chicken Rice
ZiBin's mom teach me how to make Chicken Rice.
Ah... I wanna eat again...

He licks me every time I come back from outside. So CUTE!

In the evening, we went to park for walking. We tried "storn stepping" there! It is first time to try it... painful but fun to walk on the stones.

After having dinner, went to watch movie. We watched ""Kingdom of Heaven" but.. i couldn't understand so much... Maybe it is because of English, or maybe it is because the story is complicated...??
Before going back home, went to supper, again. FOOK TSING, same place as we went last time during Chinese New Year with Tyng and Vern. ZiBin drived to near TESCO, but he have forgotten where is the place. I remembered faintly so I showed him direction, "it is over there!!" and it was there. YEAH!!
We ate Ikan bakar, Otah-otah and fried oyster... ATE TOO MUCH AGAIN...

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Monday, May 09, 2005


Tyng and Vern said they want me to get fat... and I think their dream will come true...
I ate 5 meals today... breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.

We arrived KL 5am in the morning.. nothing to do.. so we went to resturant and had something like roti prata as breakfast. When we arrived Ipoh around 9:30, ZiBin's dad came and pick us from bus terminal. Then he brought us to noodle shop for breakfast.
second breakfast

Then reat for a while at his place... time to eat again, lunch time.
This is Lui Cha, alot of vegetable with soup.
Less oil, less meat, less salty and alot of vegetable... very healty food!
I like this food very much. ZiBin's mom showed me how to cook this.

Dinner.. I forgot what I ate for dinner... but I ate something for dinner.
Then at night, went out for supper with ZiBin's friends, all girls!
They also want me to eat ALOT, same as Vern, they want me to get FAT. :S
They asked ZiBin to order some foods, but they didn't eat so much... order food only to FEED me... VERY FULL. Ate too much...

Everyone talk in Cantonese(?) or Malay, something I cannot understand... but I can guess a bit what they are talking.
With ZiBin
Friends: Is she your girlfriend?
ZiBin: Yes
Friends: Wah...
ZiBin: (^-^) No, she is from Japan, exchange student.
Friends: Ah...

He enjoyed talking with his old friends, I enjoyed trying to pick some words I know from their conversation and guessing what they are talking about...

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Good Bye to my messy room in PGP...

I have to leave PGP already...
No where to live here in Singapore, so I move to Ipoh in Malaysia, my friends' place.
So busy for packing my stuff... too many stuff in my room!

my room

Took long time to pack.. I asked one Singaporean friend to keep my stuff in his room. He came to pick my stuff with his car... By late at night, I didn't finish packing everything. I have to leave today though... So I just move to 1st floor, to ZiBin's room. It is very useful, easy to access. Sorry for him, his room is SUPPER MESSY!! :p
Didn't have enough time to clean up, we just put everything in his room and leave to Malaysia. We are already late... 10:30pm already. I wondered if we can catch bus to Ipoh from JB...
And... we missed the last bus to Ipoh, actually... So we had no choice but to take bus to KL and change bus there. :p
BTW... ZiBin, Malaysian, he didin't know how to get to IPOH from JB. He said he always take bus from Singapore, Golden Mile... but it is double price of taking bus from JB. As for me, but I have been to KL from JB before, so we didn't get lost.
* Our CLAZY trip to IPOH, refer Home run -- ZiBin's BLOG

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Saturday, May 07, 2005


I was looking forward to today for long time...
BBQ with my Thai classmates at teacher's place.
Our teacher cooked some THAI FOOD!!! (^-^)
There were 3 Thai teachers and many students of them joined today.
Many students from Thai1 and some frome Thai2 and Thai3.
Thai1 students are SOOOO 元気! I cannot be so enegetic like them...

Image hosted by
Green curry, salad, tom yam soup... DELICIOUS!
I am so HAPPY!!!

Thai BBQ
Everyone put name card written in THAI.
Here is my Thai teacher and classmates.

We enjoyed food, chatting and playing game using Thai language.
I will miss them alot when I go back Japan...
I wish I could join THAI3 lesson next semester with them...

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Friday, May 06, 2005

Exam Finished --> Korean Restaurant

Finally, my Exam finished!!
But that means... I have to go back to Japan soon... (T-T)

This evening, my friends bring me to Korean restaurant today.


Dinner with many friends always FUN and DELICIOUS!!

おめでと~♪ おつかれ~♪

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Tyng to USA

Tyng is going to USA...

Image hosted by

I will visit her hometown next week but she cannot show me around this time.

I asked her to tell ZiBin where to bring me... so maybe ZiBin can bring me around...

But... he seems... he dun know how to get the places she recomended... (+_+)

Take care Tyng, have fun in USA.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

3 more EXAMs

Always, I want to finish my exams as soon as possible so I can play with my friends.
But now.. I dun want my exam to finish.
Because finishing exam means that i have to go back to Japan...

Tomorrow, History exam, the next day is Thai, and Friday is Sociology.
I dun have enough time to prepare... Time STOP!! For me, my exams. So I still can play and study with my friends here!?

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Sorry, Tyng!

Tyng, when you sent MSN messege to ZiBin today, I was studying with him and I replyed you "NO", when you asked him to keep your stuff in his room. After I sent you "No", you sent him, "hate u" and went offline. But it was just kidding, and it is not ZiBin, but I replyed you. So dun hate him. :P

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Playing with Bahasa Malay

Dia kawan jahat saya. sangat jahat!! :P
Siapa kawan jahat saya???
Dia akan kata tidak jahat!!

Saya hendak study here another year
Kerana saya suka study with kawan here

Siapa orang yang kamu cinta? => Siapakah kamu cinta?
...Me?? Dun know. YOU!?

*New Words*
sangat: very
akan: will
hendak: wish
kerana: because
belum: not yet
mandi: bath
busuk: smelly

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Where is my "Golden Week" !?

It is GOLDEN WEEK in Japan now. My friends are in HOLIDAYs!! But.. but.. I am in Golden EXAM week. I am (>_<) Especially, most of my friends finished exams already, or they have only one exam left. Only ONE of my exam finished, and I still have 3 more exams...

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Dinner Party

I went shopping with Tyng today, but we are so crazy. At first we went to Clementi and had late lunch there. Then we took shattle bus to IMM, and walked around IMM but we didnt buy anything. We went there for nothing. :P And after that, we took shattle bus and back to Clementi again. Finally, I bought some food at NTUC Fair Price to cook something for tonight. (^-^)

Tyng taught me new Malay word, "Sayang"
Saya sayang ZiBin!? :P
Maybe... saya rotan ZiBin!! hehe, I learnt "rotan" from his blog.

Tonight we had another GREAT DINNER. This time I didn't cook much. Only 2 dishes, apple pie and beans. (As for beans, it was my first time to cook beans, but luckly it was taste ok!!) Eriko cooked alot today, and she invited some of her friends also. Hikari cooked Hawaian salad. I like the salad so much. There were about 15 people came to the party in total, but we couldn't finish all the dishes. So in the end, we had to share the foods, and bring back for "breakfast".

It was so fun to have dinner with many friends!! I was too excited with talking to them, maybe I didn't eat much. We started eating around 8pm, and cleaning up around 12:30am. During the 4-5 hours we took about 200 photos!! CRAZY! Especially, ZiBin! He took 70-80 photos using my camera, and run out of my batteries. (+_+) But his photos were so funny and nice. I like them so much. Terima kasih, ZiBin. Oh, but we forgot to take photo of our slippers when we switch one side of our slippers...
We kept talking, talkin and talking until we were tired and so sleepy. Daniel couldn't have dinner together but he came down for a while just to see me. I didn't notice how much time passed, but we talked nearly one hour, I think.

Most of my PGP friends came to join the dinner, but I couldn't meet some. I will "make up" another dinner or lunch or whatever to meet them before I go back to Japan... It is not... and dinner party tonight also, Farewell party. It is just to make another nice memory, and to make "appointment" for future. (^-^) To make sure, we can keep contact each other and meet some day...

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