Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Happy BIrthday to ZiBin


I celebrated all other friends' birthday in Singapore but ZiBin.
Wish happy birthday and another happy year.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

*blue berry*

Today, I went to pick some blue berry with my friends near ASO mountain. Before we arrive there we thought it is abit cooler there because it located inside mountain. BUT, it was hot even inside mountain... I didnt bring my hat, so I covered my head with my shirt.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We picked alot of blue berries. I brought back 600g of blue berries I picked. It costed \600(S$9), entrance fee was \500(S$7.50) and we can eat as much as we want. Not bad. Maybe I should pick more blue berries...
I asked my sister to bake blue berry cheese cake with the blue berry I brought back. I am going to make blue berry ice cream tomorrow. We can have alot of blue berry sweets!!!

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Friday, July 22, 2005


I was so tired today...

My mom asked me to plan trip to Cambodia, so I was looking for tours, air tickets and hotels from last week. I found discount air tickets so I told her that we can travel much cheeper if we book ourself than we apply for package tour. But it is cheep only when we book air tickets 28 days before we take plane, and the problem was 28 days before our travel is SUNDAY so travel agant is closed. That means I had to book and pay for ticket by TODAY. I found it only this afternoon when I called the travel agants. First travel agant I called told me I cannot buy the discount tickets because they cannot check my payment today. Next one also told me so, but I asked them what if I visit them and pay by cash. They helped me to call airline conpany to confirm if I still can buy the tickets, and they said YES but I have to visit them before 4:30pm. They asked me if I can make it or not. I had no choice but say I will. But... it was already 3:30pm and I was still in my LAB, it normally takes more than 1.5hrs from here to city area where the travel agant office is located. It was impossible without my friends help to get there in one hour.
First, I asked my labmate to drive me to train station. It takes at least 20mins by walk but 5mins by car. Then I called another friend live in near campus, while I was waiting for train back to my campus. I asked him to bring me to city area with his motorbike and he said OK. Thanks alot to my friends, I could reach the travel agant just in time. And it was lucky that I had enough money in my bank acount, otherwise I could reach there but couldn't pay for the tickets. Ah.. so tired.. and my back acount is MINUS now... (T-T) I have to ask my mom to pay me back soon.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Happy Birthday to Hajime

Happy 26th birthday to Hajime.
Birthday gift to you this year is a blue tie pin.
Ah.. I forget to take photo of the pin.

Here is Birthday Dinner for him.

I was busy to work for my lab today...
I couldn't have enough time to prepare for his birthday.
We could have dinner only very late at night.
And I almost miss to buy a gift for him.
I could found the present in very last mins. :p

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Group photo for our graduation alubm

We took some photos for our graduation album.
With member of our Culture Cafe...

Group Photo

After taking this photo, I rushed to my lab, to go to the forest, our study field.

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Star Wars

I already watched Star Wars in Singapore with John, but I watched it in Japan again. It is just started showing it here. It takes longer time because Japanese people need subtitle for English movies.
It is interesting for me to compare original English and Japanese subtitle. Normally subtitle missed many information, but helps me to understand well.

Ah.. I miss Singapore. Because it is much cheeper to watch movies in Singapore.
It is so expensive to watch movie here. It was night show, so cheeper than nomal rate, but still it is S$18. I can watch 2-3 movies in Singapore...

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Dinner with friends

I had dinner with some of my friends.
Actually... I only know a few of them though.
Never mind, I had good dinner.


After dinner 5 of us went to カラオケ(karaoke, KTV).
At first, I didnt want to go.. but one of my friend brought me there.
I didn't sing much... but they were surprised with my voice.
haha.. because I can sing very high voice while I speak with very low voice.
My voice when I speak is lowest voice I have...

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Henna Painting

I've received a BOX from ZiBin.
He helped me to ship my stuff from Singapore...
And he gave me some gifts, henna paint.
I played with it today... I painted my left hand.
It was first time, but not so bad. :p

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

☆七夕☆ When you wish upon a star...

七夕(tanabata) is star festival on July 7th.
Here is quote of story about the star festival.
It is based on Chinese old story...

Tanabata legend is a two-star story of lovers in the vast galaxy.
Once upon a time, the emperor of the galaxy and Vega (The Japanese name is Orihime), his daughter lived in a luxurious palace which is on the eastern coast of the MilkyWay. One day, she fell deeply in love with the courageous and handsome Altair (The Japanese name is Hikoboshi), who live on the west coast of the galaxy and married him.
However, because she neglected her weaving, The emperor of the galaxy was angry and banished the bridegroom. In a result, the couple was separated far across the Milky Way. But after that, the emperor of the galaxy had permitted the couple to meet at night once a year on July 7th because he cannot stand to see his daughter looked sad so much.
On that night, it is the story that the two stars meet, spanning the bridge of the Milky Way with magpies because of going across the bridge on a rain day.

QUOTE: http://www.geocities.jp/senribb/

We decorate 笹(sasa), a kind of bamboo tree, and desplay it on July 7th.
Then we write our wish on a piece of paper and hang it to the bamboo tree.

It is cloudy so I cannot see stars tonight but...
I wish they can have happy date. :)

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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Happy Birthday to my Brother

July 2nd is my brother's birthday.
He is 15 years old now.


July 2nd

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