Monday, August 22, 2005

Travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia - Day Two

We visited Angkor Wat in the morning and Angkor Thom in the afternoon with Japanese language guide today. The tour guide was very helpful for us. She knows many stories about sculptures on the ruins. It was quite interesting to know the stories of gods, demons and kings.

Angkor Wat
This is Angkor Wat. Our guide told us that it is better to visit here in the afternoon to take nice photos, but less ppl in the morning.There are 5 pagodas on Angkor Wat, but if you see it from different places or different direction, it looks like there is/are only 1-4 pagoda(s)

Inside Angkor Wat, there are very very steep steps to climb up to the 3rd cloisters. It is too steep and it looks like a wall if you stand in front of it. My sis, bro and me climed up this steps without handrail. Our guide was surpprised all 3 of us could climbed the steps so fast.
My mom was waiting for us at downstairs at first, because it is too steep and dangerous. But she couldn't stand that she cannot reach the top and enjoy the view from there... She climbed up using steps with handrail. She is too enegetic as her age... :S Our guide was surpprised again!

After looking around Angkor Wat, we had lunch at one restaurant near by. The restaurant was like "tourist restaurant", all the menu was written in English, price was showen in US$ and the price was not cheep.
When we finished having lunch, our guide asked us if we have rest for a while at hotel or not. Maybe because it is too hot to walk around outside about 2pm. But my mom didnt want to go back and rest, she just wanted to going on seeing around temples. The guide asked us for a few times but my mom didnt change her mind, so finally she gave up to asking my mom and decided to go to Angkor Thom directly.

Bayon Temple
First we went through the South Gate and went to Bayon temple in Angkor Thom. It was veeeeeeeeeery veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery hot there. Not only it was hottest time in a day, but most of roof in Bayon Temple was broke down, so there was no shade!!! We were like BBQing! Our guide was drinking alot of water and sweating alot. I think she also felt very very hot but she didnt say anything and showing us around with smiling.
We saw around some other places inside Angkor Thom; Baphuon, Phimeanakas and the terrace of the elephant.
Phimeanakas also had very steep steps similar to Angkor Wat one. We climbed up this one also. There are 4 steps faced t each direction, north, south, east and west. Every night, the king of the country had to climb up one of the steps he chose. If he didnt climb there, something bad will be happened. There is beautiful goddess on the top of the temple and even qweens were prohabited to go near to the temple.

In the evening, we came back to hotel. I was so tired and sleepy, but my brother wanted to play tennis. My mom and sister played with him, while I took nap in the cooled room after taking shower. :p
We had khmer food for dinner at hotel restaurant. It was similar to Thai food and abit spicy but delicious. AH! I cannot wait for going to Thailand and eat Thai foof there!!


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