Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Expo 2005 in Aichi

long time no see...
I am lazy lo...

well, I write something about Expo 2005 hold in Aichi Pref. this year. I visited there in Sep. 10th and 11th. about 2 months ago...

There were TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many ppl there like...


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It was sooo crowded. I couldnt see anything BUT PPL!!!
Because of that, we had to wait soooo long time to get into a pavilion. For example, the most popular pavillion, like TOYOTA, NISSAN or TOSHIBA, you had wait for 4-6HOURS before you go into the pavilion. How CRAZY it is...

Of course, I didint wanna wait so long. I rather visited other small pavilions so I dun need to waste both my time to see around and money that I spent to visit the EXPO. (I spent several hundred S$ for visiting Expo...) Actually, I was not so much interested in those popular pavilion, but I wanted to visit foreign pavilions, especially Asian pavilions.

USA and Europe pavilions were popular among foreign pavilions, but there were less ppl in Asian pavilions. That is why I could visit ALL the Southeast Asian pavilions; Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thai, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos.

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You can see how I miss Singapore!
I visited Singapore pavilion just to WET by man-made squall!!
and to enjoy smelling Singapore food...

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This one is Malaysian pavillion.
They was showing about Nature.

One more thing that I was happy to see in Expo...

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Do you know what is this!?
Do you like Japanese anime??
Have you ever watch the movie "TOTORO"??

I could see this only from outside.
Only 800 ppl per day could get inside this house...
The day I visited Expo, there were 230000-250000 ppl in EXPO place.
How lucky they were those 800 ppl.

Expo 2005 Aichi Japan:


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