Thursday, August 18, 2005


What do you think how much is this ice dessert??


I had this dessert this evening at one shopping mall with my friend. My friend saw about this shop at TV and he wanted to try. When we were looking for some where to have dinner we found this shop so we decided to try this after dinner and shopping.

I had sashimi-don(刺身丼) for dinner, it was very nice. I like fish very very much. But I put too much wasabi... almost cry!! I forgot to take photo of my dinner...
After having dinner, we went to CD and game store, coffee shop and book store. I didnt buy anything but just look around shops. My friend bought some CDs.

Finally time to have dessert. We went back to the shop and odered one ice dessert. We call this kind of ice dessert カキ氷. It is just ICE only. But this dessert we had tonight costs alot! It tastes very very good and big enough to share with two though. This ice was like SNOW! Very soft and melt easily in my mouth. And its syrup is taste of green tea. Not too sweet, abit bitter taste of green tea. Green tea ice cream as well. It tastes very very nice! Do you wanna try this!? Maybe after you know how much it costs... you dun wanna try... :p This one costs about \700, it is more than S$10. Now, do you still wanna order this??


Blogger Secret Agent said...

I want to order it if you are the one paying! Hehe!

2/9/05 22:14  

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