Friday, August 05, 2005


SUMMER is firework season in Japan. There are many firework festival all over Japan.
Today we went to one of the biggest firework festival in 九州(Kyushu Island). It takes about one hour from my campus to the firework festival in 久留米(Kurume).

One of our friend were from Kurume, so he go first and take place for us. While I let girls wear yukata. He said it is near station but acctually, it was FAR. We were so tired to walk long long way to the firework place. It took about 30mins with yukata... HOT!!
Only when they started firing 花火(firework), we reached to festival place. We wanted to sit and have dinner at riverside before firework show starts though...


Firework tonight was GREAT!! I was waiting for this time for more than one year since I missed last year one by going to Singapore. We enjoyed one hour firework show tonight then... I dragged my heavy body back to the station. I was too tired to walk and wanted to sleep at roadside... Later I remember why I was so tired. It is because I climbed mountain for my experiments in this morning.... NO WONDER!!!!!!


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